Community Achievements

 It's amazing how a community can come together and initiate change.

We would like everyone within the GenR8 community for your precious time and effort you have put in to making the healthy choice, the easy choice  within the Southern Grampians community.


Health eating in the workplace

Southern Grampians Shire Council red, green and amber catering policy

Southern Grampians Shire Council event food policy

Western District Health Service Lakeview café changes – introducing 3 days of no chips and added healthy options

Hamilton District Skills centers healthy BBQs


Healthy eating in schools

Dunkeld Consolidated School is reviewing the school canteen policy in aim of decreasing the amount of red and orange category foods.

Outside School Hours Club has introduced healthy cooking classes and afternoon teas for for the children in their afterschool care program.

Healthy Breakfast Club at Penshurst Primary School.

Branxholme Wallacedale Community School have stopped selling Icey poles.

Hamilton North Primary School have changed their lunch order menu in collaboration with Pitstop Café Hamilton.

Tarrington Lutheran School improving the food choices at school events. 

Balmoral Community College adopted Lunchbox Blitz


Healthy Eating in Sporting Clubs

Glenthompson Dunkeld Football Netball Club altered product placement and price of water to promote water as the Number 1 drink choice

Hamilton Junior Football League Carnival promoting water as number 1 drink choice (in collaboration with Wannon Water)

Mininera Junior u/12 football league stopped providing sports drinks

Mininera Junior u/12 football league no longer reward players with McDonalds Vouchers

In partnership with VicHealth, South West Sport and GenR8 Change, Hamilton Basketball Association has recently become a Water Only Zone.


Increasing healthy options at community events/venues

Hamilton Scouts are now providing water and fruit for snacks rather than cordial .

Western District Health Service have removed the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages, and have now ceased selling hot chips and increasing healthy choices 3 days per week.

Hamilton Indoor Leisure and Aquatic Centre (HILAC) have revamped their drinks fridge and have posters promoting water as the number one drink of choices (in collaboration with South West Sport. The café has begun offering healthier choices, smaller portion sizes (potato chips) and have relocated green foods in their display.

Glenthompson Community Association no longer provide sugar-sweetened beverages at their events.

Mother Goose Playgroup now provide fruit and vegetables for morning tea.

Mainly Music Playgroup now provide fruit and vegetables for morning tea.

Healthy Lunch packs were available at the North Hamilton Kindergarten Junior Obstacle Race

Healthy catering Regional Skate Park Carnival

Southern Grampians Shire pools reduced availability of red foods


Increasing water consumption

Combined Preschools of the Southern Grampians have introduced a water only policy within their centres

Southern Grampians Shire Council Family Day Care have introduced a water only policy (enforced by educators

Wannon Water provided a water refill station for the local Hamilton Junior Football Carnival


Increasing physical activity within the education setting

15 schools participating in Walk to School 2016

Penshurst Primary School committed to a running a walking school bus during terms 4 & 1

Tarrington Lutheran School weekly walking school bus

GenR8 Change workshops within a number of Southern Grampians Schools

Dunkeld Consolidated School Bike Bus

South Grampians Family Day Care educators leading healthy choices within their programs.

Runners club at Hamilton North Primary School


Increasing physical activity opportunities within the community

Hamilton Park Run (Bryan & Dianne Baerra)

Hamilton Vitality and Fitness Fun Run November 2016

North Hamilton Kinder successfully ran a junior obstacle course which is now an annual event

Hamilton's first Colourful Run April 2017


Community Education

Western District Health Service Pop Up Health Shop at Youth Spring Break Event

Facebook page set up for Southern Grampians Shire Council Family Day Care educators to share information regarding healthy eating and physical activity strategies

GenHealth promoting health and wellbeing by offering a $1000 grant to a community group planning to act to improve health of our community

Being Well Expo

Local organisations and business pages (Southern Grampians Shire Council, Western District Health Service, Being Well Expo, GenR8 Change) increasing health related content shared on Facebook pages.


Healthy fundraising initiatives

North Hamilton Kindergarten Junior Obstacle Race

Garden seed fundraisers in local schools as an alternative to the chocolate sale fundraiser

Balmoral Community College ran ‘Food for Thought’ festival as a healthy fundraiser


Increasing breastfeeding

The number of ABA ‘breastfeeding friendly’ approved cafés and organisations/venues in Hamilton has increased following the work of the GenR8 Change breastfeeding group

GenR8 Change breastfeeding working group held a community breastfeeding forum

GenR8 Change breastfeeding working group current advocating for a space in Hamilton CBD for breastfeeding and family care.


If we have missed any, please let us know via one of our channels below!